Airbrushing Feather Textures

Airbrushing Feather Textures

4 Episodes

a step by step realtime tutorial showing everystep of the way in painting this stunning photorealistic owl

We cover every step of the way in creating this painting, from which exact colours were used to mix the tones, and every airbrush stroke taken to create in this stunning painting. As ever all filmed in glorious HD for your perfect learning experience

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Airbrushing Feather Textures
  • Airbrushing Feather Textures (Part 1)

    Episode 1

    in this tutorial we look at creating feather textures

    in this first part we look at:

    Picking the colours
    Mixing the colours
    choosing the layers to make life easy,
    tools and erasers
    line drawing
    creating background textures

  • Airbrushing Feather Textures (Part 2)

    Episode 2

    In part two we look at more layering, and planning.for the painting

    We also look at:

    Creating depth of field
    Out of focus techniques
    Painting in the beak
    Planning our next steps

  • Airbrushing Feather Textures (Part 3)

    Episode 3

    in this episode we pretty much complete the feather textures and get ready to paint in the eyes to complete the owl

  • Airbrushing Feather Textures (Part 4)

    Episode 4

    Here we finish off our owl painting,

    In this episode we

    Add in the eyes,
    Add the background
    The final details

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