All About Paint

All About Paint

4 Episodes

The more we learn about the paint we use the more we can manipulate it to our advantage.

in this series of videos we look at how to create some of those consumables that we use the most of, how to create some of our very own custom colours, and how to get the very best from our pearls, metallics , fluorescents, and base colours.

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All About Paint
  • Making Reducers and Cleaners

    Episode 1

    Some of the consumables to keep us painting can soon clock up the $$$£££, here is how we make our own with all the additives and formula for you to do the same

    In this episode we look at how to create your own Reducer and Airbrush Cleaner

  • Using Artists Acrylics

    Episode 2

    Its often asked if normal artist acrylics can be used for airbrushing, here we show you the best way to do this and to get them to work.

  • How To Formulate ICE Crystal Solution

    Episode 3

    In our Custom Paint section we show you how to use the ICE FX, he we show you how to make it with a simple formula to get you going

  • Using Powdered Pigments

    Episode 4

    There are so many pigments available to the painter and artist, here we look at the best way to mix them and how you can create your own colours and save £££$$$