Beginner Fundamentals of Airbrushing

Beginner Fundamentals of Airbrushing

2 Seasons

In the Beginner fundamental Series, we look at getting you started and painting quickly with the information you need to start airbrushing successfully.

This series is for the complete beginner who has never used an airbrush before or who is just starting out and needs guidance to airbrush correctly.

In this complete series we cover everything you need to know to get you up and running including:

Holding the airbrush
Operation of the airbrush
Getting comfortable with the airbrush
Start to paint
Practice strokes
The Dot
The stroke
The blend
Making your own shields
Painting a simple shape
Breaking down a simple image
Apply the strokes to the break down
How to transfer your image to your chosen surface
Creating a line drawing
Painting a complex project.
Choosing your surface
Trouble shooting
Airbrush maintenance
Additional projects for the beginner artist

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Beginner Fundamentals of Airbrushing
  • Taking the Airbrush Apart

    Episode 1

    sometimes the terminology used in the industry can be confusing, in this short video we show you how to take the basic working of the airbrush apart to help you with maintenance, cleaning and trouble shooting.

    We show you how to safely remove
    The crown cap / Needle protector
    The Aircap

  • Beginner Fundamentals Practice Strokes

    Episode 2

    In this first tutorial we look at the main fundamentals of the airbrush strokes, we cover:

    Airbrush Control
    The Dot
    The Standard or Dagger Stroke
    The Blend Stroke
    Distance Control

    and a quick demo of a simple object you can paint in minutes.

  • Beginner Project 1

    Episode 3

    Our first real project, simple and effective, this tutorial helps you understand distance control, getting those smooth blends and strokes you need for further projects, along with a little more about creating stencils and sheilds to give you thos crisp sharp edges as we see in the reference,

  • The Eye - PART 1

    Episode 4

    in this first episode we cover

    Transfer techniques
    Starting to paint
    Breaking down the image
    Picking your strokes

    This tutorial is our main first time project for our beginners, an idea practice project teaching

  • The Eye - PART 2

    Episode 5

    In this episode we look at completing the painting, using all the strokes and techniques learned in the first few tutorials, puting them together and creating a finished painting.

    we cover
    Stencil making
    Distance control
    Picking the correct stroke
    Adding depth
    Trouble shooting

  • What Air Pressure

    Episode 6

    It can be difficult to know what actual air pressure you should use, and most of the time we tend to take advice from others and run with it.

    In this episode we look at our air pressure and how it has an effect on the airbrushes performance and response,

  • Learn_to_Airbrush_PDF_workbook.pdf

    8.85 MB

    Images to use and print out for the Beginner fundamentals tutorials

  • Learn-to-Airbrush-Beginner-Program-.pdf

    7.57 MB

    Beginner course support book.
    This ebook gives you full support for the videos in the beginner fundamentals tutorials, with many extras including

    Setting up your workspace,
    Different types of airbrushes,
    Printable images that were used in the tutorials,