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Reflective Realism

Reflective Realism

6 Episodes

This series of tutorials takes you through every step of creating this artistic, realistic painting, helping you achieve the desired look you want with realistic paintings

This Tutorial Gives You:
Advanced techniques
Paint Manipulation
Reducing your paint
Using transparent base
Making the reference do the work
Creating textured transitions
Hard and soft Highlights
Using different tools for textures and edges
Freehand Techniques
Freehand shields

Over 4 hours of non stop painting covering every little detail on how you can airbrush like this

Reflective Realism
  • Airbrushing Reflections

    Episode 1

    in this first episode we concentrate on freehand technique, and manipulating the paint to get the results we want.

    We show you how to:
    Create an out of focus look
    Create backgrounds that make the foreground sharp
    Create softer highlights
    Create staged shading

    This tutorial concentrates ...

  • Reflections (Part 2)

    Episode 2

    In this episode we start to paint on the centre console of the tank.

    We show you how to:
    Create those hard , sharp edges
    Create the reflection texture
    Effective Layering
    Using the eraser, and blade
    Using overspray
    Keeping it clean

  • Reflections (Part 3)

    Episode 3

    We continue adding the textures to the centre console, the chrome work is a little rough in places making the reflections distorted, here we show you how to get the same look and feel

  • Reflections (Part 4)

    Episode 4

    we start to add in some of the darker details on the top, lower section of the console and the clock area

    Textures are different here, some soft, some sharp, we show you how to create both on this episode

  • Reflections (Part 5)

    Episode 5

    we add in the needle to the speedo area to complete the clock area, and move down to the tank area, addin in some of the softer more subtle reflections, ready to finish off with the petrol cap

  • Reflections (Part 6)

    Episode 6

    In this final part, we complete the painting by adding the final part, the petrol cap.

    a little difficult to create, but we cover every step showing you how to complete the painting

  • Reflective Realism.jpg

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    Reference picture for our Reflective Realism Project