Ultimate Guide to Custom Graphics

Ultimate Guide to Custom Graphics

8 Episodes

In this series of tutorials, we cover as much as possible on how to create awesome custom graphics.
We start right at the beginning with simple explanations on using light source and layering, using the plotter, and right up to advanced graphics you can create with ease

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Ultimate Guide to Custom Graphics
  • Ultimate Guide to Custom Graphics (Part 1)

    Episode 1

  • Ultimate Guide to Custom Graphics (Part 2)

    Episode 2

    In Part 2, we continue with the basics.

    Starting with a more bevelled edge graphic. we then take this to a more detailed design and show you how to create a tribal blade graphic which can be added to almost any paintjob.

    we also look at creating a custom graphic using a mixure of paint and ...

  • Ultimate Guide to Custom Graphics (Part 3)

    Episode 3

    This episode is all about the Old Skool Flames, looking at the different types, application and how to create them.

    From Ghost flames, to the classic hot rod flames, using your fineline tape effectively, and adding a pinstripe.

  • Ultimate Guide to Custom Graphics (Part 4)

    Episode 4

    a continued tutorial on old skool flames looking at the reverse side of masking and adding airbrushing and pinstriping

  • Ultimate Guide to Custom Graphics (Part 5)

    Episode 5

    Always been so popular with custom painters, but wanted to demonstrate how to create a simple chequesrd flag design to add into your custom work

  • Ultimate Guide to Custom Graphics (Part 6)

    Episode 6

    We see so many people have problems with using the crystal or Ice FX products, here we have our guide for you to get the best results and some of the key elements in creating this popular effect

  • The Dead Man's Hand

    Episode 7

    in addition to our airbrushing Custom Graphics Series we have this great tutorial showin ghow the plotter can help you create fantastic, clean, crisp, graphics with simple techniques

    we look at:
    Plotter Files
    Separtion of cut media
    Application of stencil
    Overlapping to create edges

  • Metal Flake Graphics

    Episode 8

    Old Skool Metal flake paintwork has done a full circle and become very popular again, especially on the motorcycle scene,

    Here we look at how we apply graphics and some of the old skool effects that are proving popular in todays market